The Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) International Student Office organized a trip to Sampa Automotive Plant in order to promote the Samsun industry and pave the way to future trade cooperation with their countries.

Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Vedat Ceyhan, academic staff Tahsin Atalay, İsmail Hozdiç and International Student Office staff Ahu Gürbüz also accompanied the visit organized as per the decision of the OMU Advisory Board.

The students were welcomed by Sampa Automotive Industry and Trade Inc. Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Erol Kerim Yalçın, R&D Center Project Officer Erdem Şahinkaya and plant staff. After receiving general information about the plant, the group learned in situ the manufacture and production processes of heavy vehicle automotive parts on a large scale ranging from spare parts of tow cars and trailers, scissors, cabinets, torque-stabilizer and anti-roll bars to breaks, shafts, axles, V bars and drawbars, engines, air suspension bellows and trailer equipment. The plant staff also answered the questions of and enlightened the students who observed the technology and work processes of the plant.

After a warm chat, the visit ended with souvenir photos taken in front of the Sampa Automotive Industry and Trade Plant.