Syria Promotional Day and Enlightenment Day

The "Syria Promotional Day" as at the same time celebrated as the "Enlightenment Day".

The International Relations Office, International Student Office and International Student Society organized jointly a series of events also supported by the Turkish Language Education Application and Research Center (OMU-TURKISH). The events were held at the Atatürk Congress and Culture Center (AKM).

The promotional day and celebration were attended by academicians, administrative staff and a great number of Turkish and international students.

The events were given a start with the poem recitation of Syrian students to celebrate the Enlightenment Day. OMU International students joined in the recitation. Afterward, Syrian students performed a play titled "We Want Our Future", which was much enjoyed by the audience.

The Arabic song sung by Syrian students accompanied by a guitar enlivened the program and received much applause from the audience.

At the end of the programme, students who were commissioned and performed in the events received their appreciation certificates.