"Nowruz brings to the minds beauty; goodness; siblinghood and peace"

The Nowruz celebration held in the open air stage in front of the OMU Life Center (Yaşam Merkezi) was attended by Samsun Governor Osman Kaymak, Samsun Member of Parliament Erhan Usta, Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç, Samsun Deputy Governor Sezgin Üçüncü, Vice-Rectors  Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kuran and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Cengiz, Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Dr. Menderes Kabadayı, faculty deans, academicians, administrative staff and a great number of students.

Delivering the opening speech of the ceremony, Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç said "Nowruz, which heralds the coming of the spring, has been celebrated since ancient times. It has been actively celebrated especially in our geography for years. However, it is started to celebrate it as International Day of Nowruz as of 2010 with the decision of the United Nations World Moral Heritage Conservation Board. The word Nowruz brings to the minds; goodness, beauty, siblinghood and peace. In a day like this which reminds of such good values, as OMU family, we are happy to celebrate the Nowruz Festival with our guests. May God allow us to live all our days in siblinghood and peace."

After the speech, mini-concerts were watched with awe, the Nowruz fire was not forgotten, the rope competition was a scene to a great contest and booths were visited.